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Now just imagine that you have your very own personal audio tour guides with you whilst you walk and enjoy your London tours, each audio tour is especially written for us and you to enjoy during your London walks, don't forget that you can choose which London tour you would like to take and simply follow the London city tours that you have decided upon, and more importantly, this London Bridge tour is FREE, yes completely free to use on your Smart Phone, use it as often as you like as you walk around this historic river bank..

If you do decide to take a London tour bus (which are an excellent way to get around the city of London) then during your visit London experience you have the option of many London tours bus routes to follow, when you can simply jump on and off as and when you please, don't worry though because our London tour guide covers all the main attractions for any one of the bus tour London routes, in fact even the big bus tour London goes past each of the attractions that we cover in our audio guide (please note our main guide is not free, however, it is only the cost of a cup of coffee - or less in fact, but it does cover all the main London attractions.

It is far easier to use our immediate audio delivery service than any of the other London walks podcast which you have to pre load (by downloading in advance) forcing you to plan in advance before you visit London on your holiday.

There are many other London tourist tours that you could choose to follow, but none of them allow the sort of flexibility that we provide from our audio menu, in fact during your London visit or whilst walking in London it is so easy to simply send a text at any time, which invokes the receipt of our audio menu which works with the browser built into every modern smart phone, this works the same for our FREE London Bridge Tour, and our not free (but low cost) paid for tour of the main sights.

So for your planned days out in London you can arrange to follow any of the public walks in London of which the city is naturally proud. You can be sure that our audio guide is just as informative as any of the more expensive walking tours in London which are many and varied, but require you to be there to follow them around as they go, and of course are also are limited times, where as our service works any time and any place, so that you can choose to go to when ever you like and prefer - even at night!.

The problem with the bus tours London has to offer is that they can be expensive particularly for the whole family, whilst of course your own London walks are free and so your free London walking tours can be taken at your own pace and when ever the family is ready, then using a loud speaker (or ear piece) which can be plugged in to your smart phone your whole family can listen to the audio guide when you reach each tourist sight.

So why not enjoy your very own London Bridge walking tour - completely free – designed for any one who is prepared to walk and listen as they go – indeed with a pair of headphones then the quality of sound is very much improved, this ensures that our walking tours of London can best be enjoyed in the way they were recorded.

Our main London audio walks cover all the top tourist sights and attractions, all of which are also passed by the many open top bus tours London is rightly proud of, so you can listen to our main London audio guide even whilst sitting on the top of one of those big red buses (as explained, this is not free, but only the cost of a coffee, and can be used by the whole family), our London Bridge tour is FREE though.

So relax chose which of the London tour guides is your preference you can be sure that the audio tracks we provide have been written by a professional guide with many years experience and spoken clearly by a specialist voice-over artist who has worked for the BBC and delivers very clear English speech.

We provide one of the free London walks which is routed around the London bridge and tower bridge area, one of the many London walk tours that you can find in the capital, even though this is a large and lonely planet London is full of every kind of vibrant attraction that you could wish for.

We also provide a paid for (costa-coffee) walking London tour of the main bus routes which covers all the main tourist sites, including of course Buckingham Palace as one of its main features, of course every tour bus London has goes around this route, so it is very easy for you to jump off and back on after you have listened to our audio guide.

You can plan your London walk to take in Hyde Park and lots of other sites on each of the tours in London, so don't be lonely in London, join in the fun ensure that your travel plans include a London tour, there is no need to pre-plan in advance, there is nothing to pre-load, the audio menu works instantly when you want it.

We hope you enjoy your sightseeing tours, London is rightly proud of its heritage and all of the main tourist attractions can be visited during a London tourist tour, and you can also get plenty of exercise by following each of the historical walks in London , not all of them are as good as the London free tour we provide for the London bridge and tower bridge - it is a river bank free London walking tour guide, but we have no doubt that you will enjoy those you decide to follow.